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Health and Well-being Series:
Workshop Experience


Are you curious to know what fermented foods is all about, then this workshop will be a great introduction.


During this Interactive workshop, you will learn the traditional style of vegetable fermentation and lactic fermentation, as well as the health benefits fermented foods can bring to your diet. 

We will apply theory to practice, exploring the different styles of lactic ferments and applying the core principles you will need in order to ferment safely and effectively. 


We will start off with a standard sauerkraut, a great segway into lactic fermentation. 

Then we will delve into the wonders of kimchi, and finally finish off with preserved lemons. 

You will get to take these three ferments home and care for them as they bubble and ferment away, following our careful instructions. 


Throughout this workshop we will provide you with alternative tips and recipe inspiration, in order to tailor your practice to your personal environment and taste. 

We will also encourage you to use your senses to develop your “fermentation intuition”, helping you master any recipes you come across.

The workshop includes a selection of fermented snacks and is suitable for those following a vegan diet. 

This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience and runs for 2 hours.

Allergen Information: Please contact us before booking your course if you have any allergies

or the following applies: 


This course uses fermented processes. Unfortunately we are not able to tailor or alter recipes with substitutions, as these fundamentally change the composition and outcome of the recipes.


Please contact us in advance If you have any disabilities or learning difficulties, so that we can discuss this further with you and support your learning experience.

The building does not have wheelchair access or a lift and is only  accessible by steep steps up or down to the lower ground floor, where the school is situated. Therefore the school is not suitable for individuals who have limited mobility.

Bake Awake , Brighton Baking school.


For more information on our booking policy, please read our

full Terms and Conditions.

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