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French Baking

Fougasse - Ficelle bread 

 Tuile biscuits 

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Workshop Experience

Experience a piece of France and indulge in the traditions of baking that will transport you on a journey of delectable french flavour. 


During this Half Day workshop you will learn to make two traditional French breads and a classic 

French biscuit.


Fougasse - Classic leaf shaped French bread, a great staple with a variety of meals.


Ficelle bread rolls - Thin, pointy and full of flavour.


Tuile biscuit- thin, buttery,crispy delights, perfect to serve with a pudding or with coffee.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience and runs for 3 hours.

Allergen Information: Please contact us before booking your course if you have any allergies

or the following applies:


This course uses wheat, eggs and sulphites. Unfortunately we are not able to tailor or alter recipes with substitutions, as these fundamentally change the composition and outcome of the recipes.


Please contact us in advance If you have any disabilities or learning difficulties, so that we can discuss this further with you and support your learning experience.

The building does not have wheelchair access or a lift and is only  accessible by steep steps up or down to the lower ground floor, where the school is situated. Therefore the school is not suitable for individuals who have limited mobility.

Bake Awake Baking school Brighton. 


For more information on our booking policy, please read our

full Terms and Conditions.

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